moments of animalistic bliss
where our bodies collide
she was screaming things like
loud enough for people on the street
to hear everything i thought
they might call the cops

found myself

staring at the lean contours
of her satisfied body
lit by the silent static of my tv
we agreed she came at least thirty times
she gave me everything
i wanted.

afterwards we were both hungry
checked to see if subway was open
on her iphone and rang them
she wanted to hang up after seven rings
but i let it ring out.

they were closed.

 went upstairs and ate
soft, semi melted connoisseur
cookies and cream ice-cream
between wafers
she had life in her eyes
and my towel wrapped around her

needed something savoury.

ventured into wet halloween night
drunken zombies staggered the streets
covered in blood
felt notorious with my hood up over my head

cold wind blues.

arrived at hungry jacks
attractive girl nice nose
ate a burger
whilst some drunk hit on her
fat chick at counter having trouble paying
checking her account on her iphone
she let me go ahead

ordered chicken wrap three burgers
no idea what they were
said so, guy behind
fast food indulgence
ate chicken wrap on way home

beautiful lady opened the door
in white lingerie
she looked a bit apprehensive
after id told her the story
about people vomiting outside my door

followed fantasy through the dark
up the stairs into my room
looked up at her
white lingerie
perfect brown skin
perfect round little ass
devoured fast food
laughed at her whilst she ate
she kept saying i looked like a
dew drop
played out of tune guitar and sung her
out of key
cohen and dylan songs
whilst she dozed in the candle light
fell asleep in her hair


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