personal giggle.

Me and my friend Fred often meet up at his flat on friday afternoons and drink red wine, have a smoke, talk some shit and make some noise with our guitars. He’s a great writer, a playful editor and a true poetic spirit who sometimes leaves the camera running whilst we’re jamming. He just sent me a link to this vid he put together from a jam i had completely forgotten about, using the most basic of editing software with the cheesiest effects possible.

None of that is really important though. What is important is the playful and liberating nature of the jams, where moments of synergy are equally distributed with disjointed madness – where nothing matters and we just have a laugh about it. Music is truly the most transcendental way of expressing myself that I’ve found, nothing beats that visceral, wordless communication based on feel, rhythm and vibration. Neither of us are brilliant guitarists, but we have a great deal of fun making ephemeral music that normally just wafts off into the ether of life, unchecked. This time, fred walked in on a small piece of blues’y noodling whilst i was acquainting myself with my new guitar for the first time. It’s nice to have small moments like this captured for the sake of posterity, if nothing else.

Anyway, watch this if you want.



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