can’t stay

friends opened
hot dog joint
greville street
around smokey fire
synthetic cannabis called “chronic”
bathtub full of ice n beers
usual shit was talked
jem was on
fine form as always
military jacket
government sponsored
laughs were shared
in the gutter
she left with a double take

went to piccalo
on high street
friends hosting
art night
on the street
at the tables drinking
drawing socialising
i didn’t actually expect
to see you there.
mel  molly
fletch tony dave
all the
usual suspects.

didn’t talk to you much
texted across table

in case you didn’t want anyone
to know.

you said you might come over
wouldn’t get ‘nekkid’
work early the next day.
i left you were on the phone
waved good bye.

you rang
came to visit
the couch in the warehouse
gorgeous as ever
perfect dark skin
contoured body
deep dark almond eyes
wild dark red tinged curly hair
bright yellow LA lakers singlet
bra off
perfect breasts
red paint  hands
chipped nail polish
your lips tasted like cigarettes

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